Welcome to our Quick, Easy, Simple Thai website. Or, Quest, for short.

A little bit about ourselves and how we can help you learn Thai.

Russ and I met in Bangkok in 2008. As part of us getting to know each other, and with him not being able to speak any Thai, I started to teach him.

My degrees (Bachelors and Masters) are in Education (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, actually), but I also teach Thai to those who wish to learn it.

Russ openly admits that he 'struggles' with languages, having done badly with French when he was at school, and Spanish and German since. And, though he picked up certain areas pretty quickly, there were others which (let's say), were sticking points.

It was these sticking points which led to us collaborating on our 1st book: Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure. After all, we're all different when it comes to learning, but there sure are a lot of similarities and overlap.

As a technical writer, Russ also has an uncanny knack for simplifying things. Like the tone rule acronyms: considered by some to be quite difficult to master, he came up with them in 3 hours! The [very] loose story to learn the Thai alphabet order (trust me, there's neither rhyme nor reason to it), but he got it.

Later, of course, he came up with most of the sounds and the pictures to learn the Thai alphabet (from which volume II, Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure* came about - you should see his original pencil drawings. Then you'll realise why we paid an illustrator!).

That's how we got going and we're expanding our system constantly.

Well, I say constantly, that and work... It does get in the way (sometimes), but I enjoy teaching my students. I teach in a Thai State School, by the way. I've been a qualified teacher for 5 years now. The school that I actually teach in is the 2nd school I've taught in, and is the same school that I went to when I was a teenager.

In the coming months, we plan on starting on a new video course and to get the how to write Thai material done. We hope to get these done as soon as possible (and before the end of the year).

Fingers-crossed and all...

Kind regards,

Duangta & Russ

* We initially called the book Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure, but we later changed it to Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure purely because of SEO and Amazon search purposes. There, that's something you might not have known.