How to Read Thai

Taking the "Learning Thai is too difficult", or "You'll never be able to read Thai, it's impossible" theories further...

Learning to read Thai isn't difficult.

You just need to know 2 things:

  • The Thai alphabet - stands to reason. I'm sure you realise that (can you imagine trying to read English without knowing your A, B, C's?) - this also means consonants and vowels. It's kinda important as Thai script has few spaces, so we need to be able to break sentences down.
  • 8 simple rules to help you identify where syllables and words end. The clues are there, you need to be able to recognise them.

That's it (plus practice, of course. You won't get anywhere without practice).

Check out the book below and you'll see why, despite the 384-pages, it's a pleasure to read and learn from:

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