Learning Thai Your Great Adventure

Learning Thai Your Great Adventure (LTYGA) is Volume I and is the entry point into our Quick, Easy, Simple Thai - Quest - system. LTYGA starts you with an overview of the Thai language and our system.

Thai is considered quite difficult to learn. One of the major issues is there is no standard set of materials to help you - no 'end-to-end' suite of learning tools.

When you consider that there are 12 transliteration systems in use in Thailand, then you can see why there's such confusion.

For example, you can get one book that's good with learning simple phrases with 12 different transliteration systems in use in the Kingdom, it's easy to see where added confusion can creep in; but, with Quest and LTYGA you get.

One of the difficult aspects of learning Thai is remembering the Thai alphabet. If you want to know the names of the Thai consonants and their order, then there is no easy way. This book does help you with that.

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