The Learn Thai Alphabet Application

When we created Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure the tech wasn't there to create this kind of interactive learning application.

I ended up paying a few developers $$ to create/code an app for me. Unfortunately, it never worked. Not once.

The good news is, a year or so later the tech was.

So we jumped on and into it and created the Learn Thai Alphabet application (you can demo it below).

Initially, there were no sounds and fewer quizzes but, following customer feedback, we added more and more and more to it.

Check it out (opens in a new tab):


The goal is to learn the Thai alphabet, right?

We sell our book Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure on another page of this site ($19.99 at the time of writing). However, if you buy the LTA app, above, you get the pdf version of book as well, with out compliments.

Free Flashcards

We also realise that we all have different learning styles. As such, we also have a pdf of the basic flashcards that you can print out and use to your heart's content:

Get Both Apps

We also created the Learn Thai Numbers application. This runs on the same system as the Learn Thai alphabet application. You can get them both at the same time for a reduced price.

Check out the LTN app, below (opens in a new tab):

Pay with Bitcoin ($97):

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Pay with Ethereum ($97):

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