Do you know what the biggest gripe new learners have with getting to grips with Thai is?

There Is No SINGLE SYSTEM to Take an Absolute Beginner With Thai Language Through to Being Able to Read Thai

(Until now, that is.)

Hi, Duangta here...

Yes, learners have told me that not having a single system to learn Thai is the biggest hassle and the biggest cause of time wasting that they face.

There are other problems, of course. Things such as fear of using the language (the embarrassment of saying the wrong thing and looking stupid), not having enough time, and all of those.

Some, like Sandy, said that "the Thai language was intimidating" (until she met our program, that is. You can read what she said, in full, later on).

But with Thai, a single system is the one that bugs many.

If you're new to Thai then you might well ask what it is and

Why Is It Such Hassle?

Well, it's all to do with Thai script and the way it's translated into English.

You see, Thai is a tonal language and there's no easy way to incorporate tone when we write it in English.

And because the powers-that-be can't agree on a single, recognised system, quite a few systems have sprung up.

12 of them, in fact. (Yep, 12.)

No-one Can Agree on Which of the 12 Transliteration Systems In Use In Thailand Is Best and That's Why There's So Much Confusion Between Books, Videos, etc.

So when you pick one book up, it might use 1 system, which you need to spend time learning...

...and then, when you watch a video or pick up another book, they'll use another different system.

And it's annoying. Very annoying, especially when the advice or teaching conflicts with what's been said in the 'other' system (it happens, believe me).

Because then you're stuck.

"I must say that the resources that you have created are the best that I've found to learn the Thai script because all the necessary knowledge is in one place and these resources, I feel, are based on the student's needs to learn; to learn Thai without the hassles of jargon. LTYGA and your online application are to the point. I like that a lot."

Emiliusz Smorczewski

How do you find out which one's right?

Or maybe they're both wrong?

(I'll tell you now that some transliteration systems can't even agree on the sounds some consonants and vowels make).

This will:

  • slow you down.
  • confuse you.
  • make you consider giving up (and many learners do).

Let's face it, when the sun's shining outside and it's a toss-up between having a frosty iced drink on your patio and listening to the birds or spending time trying to work out which system's right and which one's wrong, then where's your motivation going to be?

Yep, every single time.

Life's just too damn short for that nonsense.

And that's the problem.

  • You don't need distractions
  • You don't need confusion
  • You don't want hassle, and
  • You don't want your time wasted

"I was at the point where I was ready to give up learning Thai and then I found your website. I’ve been sceptical about other books as I haven’t gotten anywhere with them and they seem to just confuse things.

You make it sound easy and logical and it’s filled a lot of gaps the others left."

Marie James

Because that's what we're talking about.

It's Not Only Too Much Hassle, But It's Also An Utter Time Waste

I mean, no-one in their right mind is going to go down the route of learning all these different systems.

Systems which are only there until you get good enough to read Thai script.

Because after that you'll never need transliterated Thai again. Ever.

(Unless you're a Thai language teacher that is. No Thai is going to know what you're on about.)

So the logical answer is to learn 1 system (and 1 system alone)...

...and use that to get you to where you want to be: speaking, reading, and writing Thai.

Makes sense, right?

"I have received Thai books from Thai friends in Thailand that are honestly a collection of hard to understand jargon that instead of starting with the basics, bombard one with so much information that should be reserved for the middle stages of language learning instead of the beginning (or maybe I have a personal problem when it comes to dry material...). Maybe, those books follow the 'if you want to learn how to swim quickly, you have to be thrown in the deep end of the pool' philosophy.

Or maybe I have received technical books, a bad batch to begin learning Thai with. They had no clear direction... "


Because the Longer You Spend Learning Different Transliteration Systems, The More Time, Energy, and Money You'll Waste

The thing was, there was no alternative before...

Authors wrote a book, maybe stretched it to 2, and that was it.

So you could only get so far.

Like I said, many learners gave up long before that.

You have to put the effort in to learning a language - it won't happen automatically. But when the very material you're using is adding to the confusion, then it's more aggro than it's worth.

And, when you realise that it's actually a hindrance and is running you ragged, then the system isn't fit for purpose and it's time to get rid of it.

(And many do).

But with a proven single system, you know:

  • It's all you will ever need - we designed our system to solve the single biggest problem that Thai language learners face. This means that you don't have to waste time looking for other learning material to supplement what we teach (especially when some of the material out these is plain wrong!)
  • It'll save you so much time - for the same reason. 1 system means you don't waste time flitting from book to book learning garbage that to all intents is useless once you can read Thai (Rest-assured, we have different ways to help you learn the Thai alphabet. You will be amazed at how easy it is. Then, once you've mastered that, we then teach you how to read Thai.)
  • It will save money - our system is end-to-end: from absolute beginner through to reading Thai script (yes, Thai sentences). We have up-to-date material which takes advantage of the latest technology to help you and guarantee your success
  • It will eliminate your confusion - we researched our system extensively to ensure that it's 100% correct. Now there's no longer any chance for baffling and conflicting advice which distracts you from your goal to speak, read, and write Thai
  • It will remove any 'foreign language fear' you might have - this is something that all learners face (to some extent). No-one likes to make mistakes, but it's from mistakes that we learn. But, when you know our teaching and your learning is the best, then it wipes that fear off the map.
  • It will boost your confidence - making your entire stay in the Kingdom the most memorable it can be. Thais love to hear foreigners speak Thai and this will boost your confidence like you wouldn't believe (and when you can read Thai... it's a whole new ball-game! And we will teach you to read Thai: here's what Emiliusz wrote:

“Well, I agree that your app and those posts are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary."

Emiliusz Smorczewski

(The posts Emiliusz refers to were later compiled into our How To Read Thai book.)

Orville said, "Suddenly I was looking at Thai writing and beginning to see some of the words forming ... fantastic!! This has been a brilliant start for me..."

  • It will improve your social circle - speaking another language is guaranteed to improve your social life. Many people don't want to make the effort. But, by learning Thai you're broadcasting to everyone that you are willing to and want to make friends.
  • It will enrich your life - we never stop learning and learning Thai, opening up your social circle, and making the effort, will enrich your life like never before.
  • And so much more.

We want you to reap these rewards soonest.

And these are the very reasons why we created our unique system.

Here's What Others Have to Say About Our System

"I'd like to give you kudos for your well thought out system for learning Thai.

I purchased the hardcopy of the first book in the Quest program, and I like how you "decode" the inter-mechanics of the Thai language.

I'm a self-proclaimed polyglot in training, and I've learned several languages via different systems. I have to say that your method is top-notch."

Michael Dileo

"…I am amazed at my progress with a language I NEVER thought I could learn! The Thai language is very intimidating and this program has taken the fear away!"

Sandy Ching

"I was at the point where I was ready to give up learning Thai and then I found your website. I’ve been skeptical about other books as I haven’t gotten anywhere with them and they seem to just confuse things. I’m pleased to say I didn’t listen to myself for once and decided to buy your great adventure book

You make it sound easy and logical and it’s filled a lot of gaps the others left. I’ve just bought your other two books from Amazon."

Marie James

“…your method really appeals to me and is FUN as well as clear. Thanks so much for all your hard work – I hope it all pays off for you and Duangta!”

Uda Goode

"This is great. I never thought I’d be able to progress past the initial stages but I’m surprised at how quickly and easily this is sinking in. It’s great and is going to take my next trip to Thailand to a whole new level."

Mitch Costello

"Suddenly I was looking at Thai writing and beginning to see some of the words forming ... fantastic!! This has been a brilliant start for me, thanks mainly to your app!"

Orville Earl

"I can't wait to start using it as your explanations and memory aids are the best that I have seen. I have a few books that have helped me to learn to speak Thai but their explanations of the written language always left me confused."

Nigel Millard

"After only having your book and the app for about 3 weeks, I am able to sound out Thai words pretty accurately.

Every chance I get I attempt to sound out phrases and check my pronunciation with Google Translate, which I find to be very accurate for the most part. At this rate I feel I will be about to speak fluently very soon.

I get practice and pointers when speaking on Skype with my Thai friends. The hardest part is remembering words after you learn them but your books made learning the pronunciation and alphabet very easy. Thanks again.

Allen Mitchell

"…You have an amazing program and I pray more people will hear about it, everyone I encounter surely will. If you ever need another review written, I would be more than happy to oblige."

Brian Atwell

“Well, I agree that your app and those posts are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary."

Emiliusz Smorczewski

So, without further ado, I give you Quest:

Quest: QUick, Easy, Simple Thai

Quest: QUick, Easy, Simple Thai is our unique system for teaching you Thai.

We take you from an absolute beginner all the way through to reading Thai. (Note: unlike others who say they teach you to read Thai and only actually teach you the Thai alphabet, we do teach you to read Thai script.)

Quest is comprised of the following:

Vol I - Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure

Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (LTYGA) is the entry point into our Quest system. The pdf is 211 pages and covers all you need to get started with learning Thai: the language itself, the tones, the entire alphabet, the tone rules, and so on. So much is packed into LTYA that you'll refer back to it constantly throughout your Thai language journey.

This pdf ebook is 211 pages. Click on the flipbook to view a sample of what you're getting.

(Pdf ebook) Price: $24.99

Vol II - Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure

Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure is the easiest way to learn the Thai alphabet. Many struggle with learning this, but as a prelude to learning to read Thai, it's essential.

We cover all 44 consonants and 32 vowels and, with the exception of our Learn Thai Alphabet application (below), there is no easier way to learn the alphabet. This pdf ebook is 83 pages.

Click on the flipbook to learn more.

(Pdf ebook) Price: $19.99

Vol III - The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

We designed The Perfect Thai Phrasebook (TPTP) to be different from other Thai phrasebooks.

Many don't focus on the Thai script and make it so tiny it's practically illegible and almost impossible for even a native Thai to read. We made our script large enough for you to read, so when you go onto learn to read Thai you can use TPTP as an instant reference. This pdf ebook is 104-pages.

Click on the flipbook to view more.

(Pdf ebook) Price: $9.99

Vol IV - How To Read Thai

Though How To Read Thai is a whopping 384-pages in size, it's written in such an easy-to-read fashion that you'll breeze through it in no time at all. As Emilusz said earlier, "...I agree that your app and those posts are like a speed-of-light catalyst in terms teaching one the Thai script and reading it within literally two days (in my experience) which I find extraordinary." This book is what he was referring to.

You only need to learn 8 simple rules to be able to start reading Thai - that's it (3 of them are shown in the sample page spread, below. See how detailed and easy to read and follow it is).

Click on the flipbook to learn more.

(Pdf ebook) Price: $34.99

Vol V - How To Write Thai - Coming Soon

How To Write Thai is coming soon.

Price: TBC

The Learn Thai Alphabet Application

Based on volume 2 of our system, Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure, we take that book and turned it into an interactive app for web, iOS, and Android. So now you can learn the Thai alphabet wherever you are... but with the app it's interactive, there are sounds by native speakers, quizzes, hints, tips, the works.

If you want to learn the Thai alphabet, between our book, our app, and our forthcoming flashcards, we've got you covered!

Price: $19.99

The Learn Thai Numbers Application

A much overlooked aspect when learning Thai is numbers. Simple enough (you'd think), but we created this app to make sure that you know them all. As with the LTA app, above, it's fully interactive, with sounds by Thai native speakers, quizzes, the works. Again, it works on the web, iOS, and on Android.

Price: $17.99

If you purchased these individually, the entire system would cost you $127.94 (that's without How To Write Thai, which you'll get when it's released).

But you're not going to pay anywhere near that, today.

Today, you can get our entire system, which we built over the last 7-years, for just one low price:

As an incentive to take action now, I'm also offering a never before seen or offered bonus...

A Free 1-hour Skype Chat With Me

Yes, you get a free 1-hour Skype session with me. I normally charge $30 per hour for this, but 1) I want you to place your trust in our Quest system, it will be the best move you ever made for learning Thai. 2) This is a fantastic bonus to complement our Quest package.

As an example of what you can use the hour for:

  • Practice your Thai (if you already speak some)
  • Let me help you get started (if you're totally new to Thai)
  • Advise you on the best way forward for your language learning
  • Help you with your Thai pronunciation
  • And so on.

The hour is yours to use as you wish.

When you get our Quest system, I'll contact you via email to arrange a time. Bear in mind that I do work full-time as a school teacher so my available weekday hours are limited, but we'll work something out.

Remember, the Easiest Thing Is To Do Nothing.

But No-one Ever Learned Anything By Doing That

This is the lowest price Quest has ever been (and that's without the bonus Skype call - I reserve the right to remove that at any time) and is likely to be.

Again, you can do nothing. You can leave this page and get on doing whatever it is you want to.

Or you can change your life starting today.

  • Think of the difference being able to speak Thai will make to your life.
  • Think of the difference being able to speak and read Thai will make.

And, as we've shown, it doesn't have to take long.

But you will never get there if you don't make the decision to start.

A Quick Recap on what you get:

Here's what you get (instant access in the members' area after purchase):

  • Learning Thai Your Great Adventure (pdf ebook) - value $24.99
  • Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (pdf ebook) - value $19.99
  • The Perfect Thai Phrasebook (pdf ebook) - value $9.99
  • How to Read Thai (pdf ebook) - value $34.99
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet application (web, iOS, and Android) - value $19.99
  • The Learn Thai Numbers application (web, iOS, and Android) - value $17.99

That's a total value of $127.94 even without the 1-hour Skype call with Duangta (and the forthcoming How To Write Thai course).

You can pick it up today for just $97.

So click on the button below and begin your Quest today:

Again, you get instant access to all the materials in our members area immediately after purchase.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Kind regards,


p.s. This is the lowest price we've ever priced Quest at. We won't be able to hold this and the bonuses for long, so if you leave now, not only are you delaying learning Thai, but you're also risking having to pay more for less.

Click on the button below and start your Quest today: