It's about having the best time of your life...

Whether it's a vacation, you're back-packing around the world, you're a digital nomad, or you're on a business trip...

It's about enjoying yourself, getting 'out there', and meeting people. That's what makes the best trips.

And no-one's ever going to do that sitting on their own in their hotel room.

You need to get out there.

You need to make the effort.

And it doesn't have to be difficult, stressful, or anything to worry about.

That's why we created...

The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

The 3rd in our Quest series, The Perfect Thai Phrasebook is the perfect companion for your trip to the Land of Smiles.

102-pages packed with the essential phrases that are used on a day-to-day basis.

  • Simple everyday phrases to handle everyday situations with ease
  • Easy to navigate – don’t waste time fumbling around looking for the what you need
  • Easy to read and follow no need to hunt for your magnifying glass to read
  • Educational - you're learning the language at the same time as speaking it
  • Stress-free - no longer struggling to find the right words, everything you need is at your fingertips
  • Massive steps towards that perfect trip - if you want to make your next trip the best ever, then start speaking some of the language; Simple.

Some will say that you can't learn a language from a book. (But they're usually selling some other non-book type of course or it's because they found it difficult).

Even so, it's a helluva place to start...

Check out the phrasebook below. See if it's right for you:

We created this one slightly differently...

Years ago, Russ was planning a trip to Corsica to walk the 180 km, GR 20 (Grande Randonnee no. 20), so started brushing up on his [poor] French.

He bought a Linguaphone cassette-tape course and 1 or 2 other books, including a Berlitz phrasebook.

Unfortunately, with the text book, the French text was about font size 6 and almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass. Honestly, if you can't read the font, or it's so small that in anything but the brightest light you're going to struggle, then what's the point?

This was a major design consideration for our phrasebook (especially given how complex Thai script can seem).

It's no secret that many visitors to Thailand want to return, at some point. As a prelude to their return, they decide they want to learn a little more of the language. Well, that's where out phrasebook fits in.

Many books make the Thai font so small it’s almost unreadable (and some don't include Thai script at all), but we don’t.

The Thai script in this book gets equal weight so that if, later on, you decide to start learning to read Thai (volumes 2 and 4 of our Quest system cover learning the alphabet and then how to read Thai) , then the phrasebook is the go to resource where you can see and read actual language used on a daily basis. Not only that, but you also see how sentences are constructed and put together, and so forth.

That way, it's not only a simple phrasebook for getting the best out of your very first trip to Thailand, but it's also a treasure trove of information when you decide to dig a little deeper.

That's what makes it SO good.